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All current MRclimbing products are displayed and shortly described on our web page. In case that you need more information feel free to contact us anytime.
You can also download the digital version of our latest catalogue.   (3,3MB)

Few facts about MRclimbing climbing holds

we hope that every imaginable size of hold is represented in our range. We offer you holds in 8 different sizes: XS (footholds and micro holds), S, M, L, XL, XXL, MEGA and GIGA (extremely big holds). Every page with holds has a sign of which size these holds are. For better understanding we also provided a realistic scale in centimetres.

For our holds we use a wide variety of strong and bright colours and two-colour swirls. Besides nice look these intense and easy recognizable colours help you set and climb routes "by colours". Our latest novelty for special events is a fluorescent (neon) orange colour. It is not just another different colour at daylight it is really somethng extra. Under exposure to "black light" this holds glow in dark.
Standard colours: orange, red, violet, blue, green, yellow, white, grey and black.
Standard swirls: violet/white, red/yellow, blue/yellow and black/yellow.
Special colour: neon orange.

Custom colours are available by request.

“HandTex” - texture for all our handholds in all sizes. Fine-grained positive texture which became during past years a synonym for good friction, finger friendliness and easy cleaning.

“FrictionTex” - long lasting coarse-grained positive texture developed specially for footholds. Suitable for intensive use, it provides maximum friction.

Standard allen bolts M10 fit best. Most of our holds have an additional place for screw (self-driving flathead screws 4 to 5mm can be used) to prevent spinning. This is usually not necessary but it is nice for competitions.

Screw-on holds: any self-driving flathead screws 4 to 5mm can be used.

Because of positive textures MRclimbing holds are very easy to clean. Just use any nylon brush for quick cleaning while holds are on the wall. For radical cleaning use nylon brush and soapy water. Note: use of very aggressive detergents may cause fading of the colours, but the texture stays intact.

Special features
GIGA holds are reinforced with glass fibres. Holds in set Art (size GIGA) are made with hollow-back technology for easier handling.

Every our product has a warranty of quality.
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