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Campus rungs


Wooden rungs for comfortable low-impact and pain-free “campusing”.

Two sizes: 40cm long, 2cm thick and 40cm long, 3cm thick.
Each size rung has an incut side and a flat side.

Ergonomic radiuses.
Campus board


Most powerful training tool to train (dynamic) power and also finger strenghth for climbing.

Size: 120×80cm.

Two rows of 6 to 8 rungs in 2 sizes in different combinations (incut or flat) for different skill levels.
Training bar


Perfect training tool to train general upper body strenghth - just by itself or to finish a climbing workout when your fingers can not hold you on holds any more.

Made from stainless steel, so it will always stay as new in spite of training with sweaty hands.

1m wide, pleasant radius.

Adjustable cords.

Swinging construction helps preventing elbow injuries.

Easy mounting and dismounting.

Mounting hardware with installation guide also available.
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