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The most important characteristic of any screw-on holds is that they can be screwed anywhere on the wall, specially where there are no t-nuts.

Each hold in sets Adventure, Arete and Edge has one straight side, so they are ideal to be attached on any wall`s edge.

Alone or in any combination of two holds screwed on the edge these holds open previously unused sections of the wall and make climbing more interesting, fun and exciting. This is very noticeable on usually small home climbing walls.

With use of these holds climbing on big walls in (public) gyms becomes much more realistic and diverse.


The words can not say what the fingers can feel. Very big and ergonomic holds for use on edges. A totaly new adventure.


Ultimative holds for all kind of aretes and edges. Some really great combinations of two of this holds are possible.


Designed to be attached on any wall edges. This holds make arete climbing interesting and exciting. Alone or in any combination of two holds screwed on the edge this holds open previously unused sections of the wall.
Sets Dune,Relief, Challenge and Sense offer another type of screw-on holds. They are made to enrich climbing on flat wall panels. Very nice for bouldering.

DUNE NEW 2011 !

5 screw-ons quite big, especially designed for edges.


Holds for vertical and light overhanging parts of the wall. Can be used also as footholds - big but small at the same time.


Small but still pleasant for your fingers - designed with extra care. Of course use of this micro handholds is challengeing by itself...


This set was basicly designed as a set of low profile technical footholds. To make them usefull also as micro handholds we just designed them with a new texture which is still quite durable for footholds and not too coarse to be suitable for micro handholds. Ideal for improving foot technique. Easy to mount anywhere on the wall.
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