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Set of pure pockets - size M to XXL. From shallow 2 finger pocket to very deep and positive 3 finger pocket. Very ergonomic and comfortable.
The best of MRclimbing

THE BEST OF MRclimbing

Set The best of MRclimbing is a flashback to our work during past years.
It is special combination of most wanted single shapes designed in the past years.
Diverse shapes: from middle sized edge to large jug and huge sloper.
A must have for everyone who likes to climb on legendary holds.
Size: L to MEGA.


Set of MRclimbing “dual-texture” holds.
From far away these holds seem to be just as any other holds. From near they are real surprise. Half of each hold has normal texture the other part is smooth and has no texture. This special feature makes these holds perfect for advanced climbing technique training. They are also great for building very realistic routes for pure on-sighting of any level.
For climbers with high demands.
A touch of future.
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